Tree Removal

Our specialty is the removal of large or dangerous trees. Our expert staff is trained specifically in the removal of dying/dead trees or trees that have grown too large for their current space. These trees can pose a danger to the outside of your home, so it's best to remove them. When we remove trees, we still maintain the integrity of the structure. We will always clean up any debris, leaving the site looking as if it has barely been touched.

Trimming and Ornamental Pruning/Shaping

If you're looking to change a tree's shape, increase height underneath the tree, reduce the tree's overall height, remove dead or diseased branches, make a tree more open to growth or flowering, or repair trees after a storm, then the tree will need to be pruned. Pruning is actually a way of directing growth. It removes dead, diseased, broken, or ... Read more

Thinning and Removal of Deadwood

For increased sunlight to allow lower branches to go, trees are usually trimmed. Removing this deadwood keeps the tree healthy and reduces the chance of property damage or injury due to falling branches. This process is also known as "winter proofing" or "storm proofing."

Bracing & Cabling

Sometimes, cabling is required for a tree with a heavy or weak limb structure to prevent limb failure. After these systems are in place, they should be checked yearly to be sure they are still intact.

Stump Grinding

To avoid insect infestation or decay, it's also a good idea to grind up the tree stump. The stump is typically ground down to roughly 8 inches under the grounds surface then filled to the ground level afterwards, allowing you to reclaim the stumps ... Read more

Lot and Land Clearing

We are equipped to clear a lot of brushes and trees for any purpose. With our help, you can make room for your next expansion to your property.

Consulting Arborist

At Royer Tree Service, we are happy to arrange for a certified arborist to visit your site and give advice on your trees or ornamental shrubs.

Commercial Services

We offer services to residential AND commercial properies. Give us a call today for your free consultation!

24-Hour Emergency Services

We are ready to go, no matter what time of day or night. If you have a tree emergency, give us a call.

Wound and Cavity Repair

Large Tree Replacement/Planing

Royer Tree Service works with a trusted partner that specializes in tree transplanting. They are Trees Now of New England. It's always sad to lose a tree due to lack of room or damage. With Trees Now, you'll no longer have to wait years for a new tree to grow and take it's place. Big trees or large/mature trees can be purchased, moved, and planted in their new location. Modern technology has made this into a fairly easy process. Give us a call today or visit to find out more!